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Vacation Things So Far

So far what I have done for vacation things~

Bought some art supplies to do some paintings. I have some very large canvases that I've just been holding onto for years as I keep changing my mind as to what I want to do with them. I think I know finally. I am going to paint some giant anibunnies. I am thinking Mrf Bunny, Winking Bunny, and Facepalm Bunny. Those are my favorite. These are the ones I am talking about:

I then did a lot of cleaning. Cleaned my bedroom again for bedbugs. Vacuuming, poison, and dusting of D. Earth. I have to do that a few more times this week before I attempt to move back in there. Since sleeping out in the living room, I have only gotten one bite, but I think it is from a spider or some other bug. The itch is no where near as intense, it isn't as red/blotchy as a bug bite, and it's only been one.

Did some deep cleaning of the bathroom. Like snake down the drain and lots of scrubbing of things. Then cleaned the bathroom last night. Cleared out the cupboards and found a lot of expired food including from 2009, which wat. I didn't live here in 2009.

I just need to clean the living room now as I have set up my computer out here and kind of made a mess of things. Since I won't be moving my stuff back into the bedroom anytime soon, I need to clean up to make it nice. Plus, I will be painting out here.

So yes, my vacation so far has been cleaning and there is more cleaning planned. Today I am going to treat like any other Sunday which is grocery shop for the week and gas for the car.

I have been working a bit on my Revelations script a bit. When my computer went down and I thought I lost everything, I was pretty discouraged from NaNoWriMo. I didn't want to start over. It was just depressing. Then someone showed me a nice article to motivate NaNoWriMo's and just made me feel better. So instead of trying to write everything out, I am working right on the script.

My goal is to have the complete script written out by the end of the year. I've named all the cities/towns, I've mapped out popular routes between cities, and worked out details of all the important characters so far. I found a program similar to yWriter that is meant for scripting including formatting for comics. So I am using that to help me.
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