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I've been meaning to mention all week that I took all next week off. Huzzah! I have nothing much planned really. Going over to a friend's for Thanksgiving, bringing rolls and pie and I wish I could do more.

I'm so terrible with cooking anything.

The only thing else I have planned is haircut on Tuesday at 11am and the sitting at the DMV to pick up my new plates. I want to go see a movie too.

That's all I really have planned. I will be doing a lot of cleaning too.

Since I don't need a computer I am going to wait on it and use the money I was going to spend to finish paying on some medical bills. Hopefully around Christmas I can buy myself a new computer for myself. Since I had been looking into it, I fell in love with one.

We shall see.

But yay! Vacation~! Vacation of doing nothing~! I've never done that before!
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