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Green Eggs and Lox

. . .I really don't know how our conversations happen.

Friend: I do love lox.
Friend: I even like the word "lox".
Anibunny: I also like the word lox.
Friend: Do you like lox?
Anibunny: Maybe I will name a city lox for the hell of it.
Anibunny: I don’t think I have had lox
Friend: It’s pretty good.
Anibunny: I do like salmon!
Friend: Then I would imagine you’d like lox?
Anibunny: Probably
Friend: Do you like green eggs and lox? Would you eat them with a fox? Would you, could you, in a box?
Anibunny: Never had green eggs or lox, but I would try them with a fox. I would try them in a box!
Friend: Would you eat them without socks?
Anibunny: I would not eat them without my socks! But with a fox or in a box, I would try green eggs and lox.
Friend: That’s all I got. Can’t keep it going.
Anibunny: I am sad that you did not try bringing in Dr. Cox. Asking me if I’d share with him my green eggs and lox!
Friend: *gasp* You’re right! Missed opportunity. I’ll never have it again. Noooo~ *cries*
Anibunny: I’d eat green eggs and lox with Dr. Cox while mocking FOX, sitting in a box and wearing socks.
Anibunny: Okay I will stop~
Friend: How about down by the docks?
Anibunny: Then I could skip rocks!
Friend: Just be sure you do not catch the pox while you enjoy green eggs and lox.
Anibunny: But I’ll have Dr. Cox if I catch the pox while enjoying our green eggs and lox down by the docks and skipping rocks!
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