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Comment with your favourite super hero, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ. Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

I got a bit wordy with mine. XD;; taichara gave me the following:

Bunnehs! - BUNNEHS! I had a bunny growing up. Princess Bob. Beyond that, my bunnies are easy and fun to draw. I draw them anywhere and everywhere. They were banned in my high school Junior year art class because I drew them so much and everywhere. (Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard and drew like. . .30 bunnies all over the whiteboard one day when the teacher was late to class.)

. . .They were also banned in my history class the same year because someone complained that it looked like the Playboy bunny symbol. Yeah, I don't know.

It came from my friends and I passing notes to each other in high school. We each used a little "face" to represent us, inspired by Sailor Moon manga that uses a bunny for (of course) Usagi. I think I was a sun actually, but I thought the bunny was funnest to draw.

Drawing bunnies have always been a thing since then. It kind of stuck so I just continue to make it a thing.

Currently they pop up on whiteboards at work.

Arting - Drawing as always been part of my life.. When I was a wee-child, my dad would bring home stacks of printer paper from work (the kind with the holes on the sides, hee~) and I was allowed to draw on that. I would color a lot too. My parents tell me that if I accidentally colored outside of the lines I would become so devastated and start crying.

In middle school I liked drawing dragons and monsters, but mostly dragons. High school didn't have a very good art program. There were only four art classes (one each year) and I only took three of them. The 4th one was ceramics and ick. No. I fell in love with drawing still life. I got very good very fast with drawing portraits. I also started drawing DBZ and exploring anime-inspired art.

I love art in general. I find human expression to be so amazing and I see it in everything. Great way to express yourself, explore emotions, and create. Drawing and painting is just my medium.

Megaman - Oh my stars, I have no idea where I would be without Megaman. I have met some great people who made huge impacts in my life and some still do. ;3

It's because of Megaman that I met people who. . .

Introduced me to D&D. Stopped me from self harm. Helped smack some sense into me when I was in bad relationships. Introduced me to Gundam. Gave me a chance to explore my sexuality. Made college awesome. Introduced me to cosplay. Gave me courage to have eye surgery.

And many other things I am certain. Maybe I would have met some of them without having Megaman being the reason for it or like gotten into some of the stuff like cosplaying without it, but there is just a lot of happy things in my life that I can trace back to Megaman and that's why Megaman is so meaningful to me.

Megaman also was the first series I really drew a ton of art for. In college. And so it really helped me grow as an artist.

Chibis - I. . .don't know. LOL. They are cute and fun to draw. It's kind of challenging in some ways drawing them. Since you are limited in what they can do, pose, facial expressions, and such. So, yeah. They are just fun to draw. And from drawing so many for so long, they have gotten pretty easy. I can't believe how much I have improved on drawing chibis. It is crazy to look back at older ones.

Kouga Yun - :o :3 Probably my second favorite manga artist. I love her artwork so much, especially her faces and hair. I was introduced to her by her manga, Loveless. Which is an amusing story. X3;;

How I find new manga is I stare at all the manga for a name to jump out at me. I pick it up, look at the artwork and if I like it, I will read what the story is about and decide from there. I kept picking up Loveless and just being in awe over the artwork, then reading the story I would put it back. I knew of the story and the fandom and was under the impression it was some shota-romance story which is not my thing. But after the 8th time of doing this, I broke down and got it to see for myself. I couldn't help it. Her art was too beautiful and I wanted to see it. I discovered I was wrong and love the story.

Simply her art was enough for me to check out a manga I was assuming I would hate. I mean, that is saying something. I have checked out Gestalt which is much older. It's great seeing the improvements she has made from then until now. I think another reason why I like her art is she isn't perfect. She has her weaknesses I feel and it's out there for everyone to see. It's very difficult for me to put out artwork that shows my weakest areas. X3;; So it is inspiring. It's great to look at other accomplished artists and see that they are simply human as well. X3;;

I have a naked Graham on my computer that I drew and never posted because. . .penis. And male hips. Male hips. . .guh. How do your pants stay up I do not understand!
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