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NaNoWriMo: 1780 words so far

For today's post I bring you. . .

Sketch. Profile of King Zackston Lee Agurah.

Married to Queen Ritsu and father of three children. Reon, the eldest son in his early 20s, is missing. Next in line is Zorion and he was killed in the most recent war. Finally there is Ramalie, but she is quite young.

The people of Agurah are losing faith in their King. . .the King who still wears clothes of a knight, rather than of a King. Zackston is not of royal blood, but had married in. Before marrying Ritsu, he was one of the most respected and skillful knights of the Fox Knights. The people are holding him responsible for the death of their young prince and are assuming the worst for Reon.

Bloodline is extremely important to the people of Agurah and Ritsu is at an age where she can no longer bear children. It puts a lot of pressure on protecting the little princess.

His confidence in himself and his ability to protect the bloodline is draining. Along with the people's distrust in their King, several knights injured or killed, and the resources drained from the long war. . .the Kingdom of Agurah is vulnerable and weak.

And he knows this.
Tags: art: doodle, nanowrimo, revelations
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