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Breadman (I don't even. . .)

Screenname: Wait, in Japan Bass was called Forte and Treble was Gospel? That's stupid. Bass and Treble were way better names.
Anibunny: I like Forte, but at least Bass and Treble go together.
Screenname: And I didn't like that Protoman's name was supposed to be Blues. He's NOT blue! His name should have been Jazz or something.
Screenname: Or metal! Because Protoman is METAL!
Anibunny: lol. Should have been Pop
Screenname: Okay, I can live with Pop.
Screenname: Then together, he and Megaman would be PopRock!
Anibunny: But yeah. Rock and Roll primarily came from Blues so. . .yeah. I can see why they went with Blues.
Screenname: *sigh* I guess... but... he's not blue...
Anibunny: And Roll isn't a delicious bread.
Screenname: And Rock is neither igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary.
Anibunny: Seriously.
Screenname: Wait... are we sure that Roll is not, in fact, made of delicious bread?
Anibunny: Yes
Screenname: Okay, good to know.
Screenname: Is it possible that Iceman is made of delicious bread?
Anibunny: No~
Screenname: I dunno why, I am amused by the idea of a robot made of delicious bread.
Screenname: I wonder if Fireman bakes delicious bread.
Anibunny: I bet he does! LOL
Anibunny: We need a Breadman.
Screenname: Or a Gingerbreadman!
Anibunny: YES
Screenname: He'd be a real breadwinner.
Screenname: A true mechanical... WONDER!?
Screenname: The best thing since sliced bread.
Anibunny: . . .
Anibunny: Wow.
Anibunny: I just.
Anibunny: I am going to have punny nightmares now I bet
Screenname: Oh come on. You know you loafed it!
Anibunny: Oh my non-existent god.
Screenname: Should I stop now? I suppose it's the yeast I could do.
Anibunny: Yes, you should stop before you crumble.
Screenname: I dunno. I think I'm on a roll here. We're just getting to the crust of the matter.
Anibunny: I dough know. I think your puns are kneading something more to them.
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