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NaNoWriMo: 1096 words so far

I'm three days late to the party, so I am far behind. First time ever attempting to participate!

I'm going to try and make a post every day relating to my Revelations: Gods, Kings, and Commoners as I do this. Anything from sketches, babbling, music, and just anything. Since I should get off to bed, I will just leave you with a taste of the music that inspires my creativity around this world.

The silent rage of God
Eternal Holy call!
Red sun and moon colliding,
frozen soul.

The war that is raging between three nations seems to be coming to an end, but the fighting between gods is beginning to slip into the world of men. Their game of manipulation gets out of hand and the death of a single man will bring the fall of an entire nation.
Tags: nanowrimo, revelations, youtube
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