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Today has been a particularly ick day for me physically. Writing down this stuff so I don't forget as I, like the genius I am, threw away my last medical journal. I want to start another one, but since I don't have my wallet or debit card, I've been just keeping it in my head. But, yeah. Today. Argh.

So here we go:

October 8th - Woke up with common cold. Sore throat, headache, and runny nose.
October 10th - Started Period
October 11th - Starting to feel better from cold.
October 17th - Sore throat gone. Cough and post nasal drip.
October 20th - Light headaches begin.
October 22nd - Trouble falling asleep begins.
October 24th - Headaches get worse. Pressure headache front and back. Sharp pain during day.
October 25th - Weakness, decreased thirst, and trouble concentrating.
October 28th - Started Period
Tags: it's not lupus
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