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My Life = Awesome. Let's Recap!

I'm 27. I hate that number. Fuck that number. Turning 27 I told myself that I was going to make this the best year ever!

Life: LOL. Nope!

So, turning 27 wasn't exactly sunshine and rainbows and was a disappointment. Then I shake up the entire family and several people in the family are upset with me, others disappointed with me, and others not speaking to me.

Granted, the family thing was inevitable and will be better in the long run, but it sure does suck dealing with the emotions now.

Bed bugs come back with a vengeance. Which I haven't properly taken care of.

I got sick. But then I got better. Sort of. A week after being better I kept getting headaches on and off. I am now concerned that I am dealing with sinusitis again. My medical insurance is shit compared to what I had in Washington when I was dealing with it the first time.

Then we get to today. Or rather, this weekend. My wallet was stolen.

I realized it was missing yesterday when getting ready for work. I am really good with my wallet, so I was concerned. I always keep it in the same place in my bag. If I don't use a bag, I keep it in my pocket and will set it up on my desk at home. It wasn't in my bag. I check my desk and not there. I check pockets and the floor, everywhere. I had to go to work without it.

I looked for it again when I was home and I mean going as far as digging through a Goodwill donation box I had. Bathroom. Kitchen. Trash. I looked everywhere even if it seemed highly unlikely.

Defeated I went to work today without it again and decided to call my bank to get a replacement card. I rely on a debit card for everything. I'm talking to this woman and she says she wants to go over the last few transactions just to make sure everything was in order. Makes sense. I had looked at my statement online and saw what was "pending" and everything looked in order. Everything was mine.

First thing she says to me, "Looks like your last transaction was declined."

She rattled it off, said it was for $7.93 and it had been declined for some reason. The place she told me it happened at wasn't anything I recognized and it was dated to happening yesterday.

So someone has my wallet and trying to use my debit card.

I am puzzled as to why it was declined. Thankful! But confused.

I have to wait 10 days for a new debit card to arrive and jesus fuck, what an insane mess it is right now. She asked me if I had any questions or needed anything else, and I was just too stunned and overwhelmed at the time, so I just got off the phone.

I wish I asked HOW it would be possible to, you know, get money out of my account. Anyway. . .

I contacted Equifax/TransUnion/Experian and requested a "Fraud Alert" notice to be placed on my credit file for an amount of time. Banks and businesses that run credit checks for whatever reason will see that and hopefully not issue whoever has my card credit in my name. I also printed out information on how to freeze my credit too. I'm going to keep watch on my credit and if I see anything that is suspicious, I can file a report for identify theft and freeze my credit for free under California law.

I need a new Driver's License. Oh. But I need cash for that. Fuck. Okay. I can go to the bank. Oh. My bank uses your debit card for ID purposes. They uses your DL for secondary ID purposes. FUCK. I'm HOPING I can go in with my account number and my passport for an ID. So I can get money. Because 10 days is a long time. I can pay for food with a check, but I will need gas this weekend which means debit or cash. And it's like, REALLY!? I feel paralyzed here.

I have to check with my car insurance to see if their automatic payment is tied to my debit card or bank account. I have to do that with my car loan, electricity, and student loan as well. I have to contact my medical insurance too for a new card and just ;skhfakdshfdkfg.

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