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I had a dream that I was dating this really cute girl. She was also awesome. . .except that she then started talking about marriage. Which I thought, sure. Why not? It was because we were friends with another couple who was planning a wedding. But, whatever.

This girl then started getting serious and making plans so I began to wonder, "Wait. When is she wanting to get married?" I had been imagining like a year or so out and here she is getting things together. So I keep trying to get her to tell me when and she keeps avoiding it. Then finally tells me next month.

I start stressing out and telling her that is way too fucking soon, but then she gets all "Why are you hurting me?" on me and I am just like, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!"

Then my cat wakes me up.

And I am not completely awake.

I was feeling so stressed out in the dream that it carried over in real life and I was feeling so incredibly stressed and annoyed while somewhat awake thinking about how I don't want to get married and I have too much shit to do to get married next month and I can't go back to sleep because of all this and. . .

. . .then reality sinks and I realize it was a dream. I yell at my cat to shut up and go back to sleep dreaming about something else.

That something else being me dressing up as Superman and walking around a city and running into other people dressed up as Superman.
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