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It's fucking war.

So, I haven't said it here, but the bed bugs are back. I've grown accustomed to sleeping on the floor in the living room now and have my bedroom with a barrier of D.Earth and I have been keeping a watchful eye to make sure they don't migrate to the living room. Been sleeping out there for a week now.

It sucks because my finances are really shot to hell lately because before I realized the bed bugs were around I dropped $1,000 on miscellaneous medical bills to get closer to paying them off. Then of course I got sick and had one hell of a weekend so it's been rough. So this weekend I decided it is clean time. I was hoping to deal with the bed bugs this weekend, but I don't think that will happen.

I kind of nested a bit much from being sick for over a week so I had a lot of trash. Then I just got into the cleaning mood and started cleaning more than planned which means not getting everything done. I just have too much stuff that I don't need. Speaking of which. . .I decided to clean out clothes I don't want or wear anymore. Not all of them just. . .

. . .95% of them. There are clothes hidden behind the door, but. Umm. Those hangers. They had clothes. Just once I started pulling off clothes I didn't want, I didn't stop. I also cleaned out one drawer in my dresser and I have another dresser I want to dig through.

And if you are wondering, the pink shirt was for Ema cosplay I never did and the pink cardigan is Tieria cosplay. Obviously.

I just, argh. I hate so many of my clothes. Obviously. I feel like at work I wear the same 6 outfits again and again because I hate everything else. Ugh.

But yeah. Jumping back. I have two sprays that had good and detailed reviews. I bought a mattress pad that actually goes under the mattress and kills bedbugs that try to nest there. I still have my D.Earth that I am going to go to TOWN with. (Before I just put it around my baseboards.) I am going to steam the shit out of the carpets this time, I don't even care.

Sometimes I dream of just pouring out the D.Earth in a pile, put on a mask, and just sleep in it. Sometimes I dream about buying another mattress encasement and sleeping inside of it.

I just k;dhf;akfgh.

Bed bugs are the fucking worst.

People at work keep telling me I need to fight my apartment complex on this. How? 1. My landlord is impossible to get a hold of and NEVER (I repeat NEVER) returns phone calls. 2. They tell me that they never had bed bugs before so it is my problem.

Taking them to court will cost me money I don't have and time. Getting my own pest control company to come in will cost me money I don't have. Moving won't actually solve the problem of bed bugs and. . .cost me money I don't have.

aaaaaaaargh. All of my hate, California. All of my hate.
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