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Bird Smell Taste

One of my coworkers likes of gift chocolate to another coworker of mine. The chocolate she gets my coworker doesn't like and I found out why:

Coworker: Want to try some of this chocolate?
Me: What is it? *Breaking off a piece.*
CW: Some gourmet chocolate. It's too salty. It has sea salt, fruit and nuts in it.
Me: *Eating* Woah! This is really salty.
CW: Yeah. . .that's why I am sticking with your Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
Me: You know what this tastes like? It's going to sound terrible.
CW: Spill it!
Me: It tastes like how a pet store smells.
CW: What?! *Laughing*
Me: I'm serious. It makes me think of wood chips and just the smell of a pet store.
CW: It's weird how you can sometimes taste smells.
Me: Wood chips and. . .bird smell.
CW: YES! Exactly. It does taste like bird smell.
Me: Yeah.
CW: You nailed it!
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