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Reoccurring/Ongoing Dream

I have been having this dream for several years. It's an ongoing dream where I seem to be forever stuck in college. The amount of time that passes in the real world between dreams almost reflects what happens in the dream. It makes my dreams pretty stressful to be honest.

Before last night, the last time I had this dream I was moving into a new dorm and it was finals. Last night's dream I was getting ready for some "new" classes. Only I knew in my dream last night that I already missed two weeks.

What is particularly frustrating is I hardly ever dream about getting my schedule. Which always results in a "I don't know where my class is." type of dream because I don't even know what my class is. Last night's dream I was talking to someone, I think a roommate, and struggling to remember what my first class was.

Other things that tend to happen because it is an reoccurring and ongoing dream that seems to follow time of the real world is sometimes when I end up to class I find I haven't done any of the homework or reading. Because I didn't dream doing so or being assigned any.

Last, um, "semester" I kept having frequent dreams about a math class I was taking. I was about to fail as I never did the homework as I would always wake up before homework was assigned. I ended up skipping classes near the end because it would make me so upset I would cry.

When I am in the dream, it feels like I "black out" the passage of time if that makes sense.
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