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Hells Kitchen

I think at this point I am only watching Hells Kitchen hoping to see someone punch Elise or spit in her face.

. . .I feel terrible for saying that.

I don't mean to wish violence on anyone.

There is always someone I hate on these shows. I am certain that producers do it on purpose to throw in drama and that's even why they get so far. I've ranted so much about these people.

But. Elise. Fuck.

Never before have I hated someone like this before. She is the most horrible, vile, disgusting, person I have ever seen. She is so out of touch with reality.

If there was a fucking space colony that citizens could travel up to and live on, I would sell EVERYTHING I OWNED except the shirt on my back to get a fucking ticket to go live in space because I DON'T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE. Not when someone like her exists on the same fucking floating space rock as me.

I am actually half convinced that Elise isn't a real chef. Like. Maybe she is an actress who was hired to pretend and stir up drama. I mean. NO ONE can be that out of touch with reality. AND SURVIVE. Did she have a fucking job before?

Which speaking of that.

There is no fucking way she will win. None. The prize is a job. She hasn't been able to work with anyone on the show. Because she's a fucking asshole and that's putting it nicely. Even if she won she would NOT be able to run a kitchen. Not like this. She wouldn't last long! And actually, I cannot think of ONE job she could have and be an asshole. Actually. Asshole isn't a good enough word to describe her. There is no swear word or combination of swear words in the English language that I KNOW of that accurately describes her.

She's a vile, self-centered, egotistical, unreasonable, delusional, contumacious, childish, lying, stubborn, argumentative, back-stabbing, and pathetic human being. I don't know a word to capture all of that.



So. There are people still on the show I like, who I think are good, and how I think are capable of running a restaurant. So, I am watching for them.

I think I know who will win and who will be in the final two.
Tags: losing faith in humanity, misanthropic rage, rant, television
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