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What did I get myself into?

Thought process:

What if I drew an obviously fanservice picture for Graham's birthday?
Birthday suit, birthday, it works.
But then what does he get out of it? Like how is that for him.
I'll have him complaining about it.
Which means I need to add Billy to the picture.
I'll have it be like, Billy managed to get him naked just for the fans.
This is going to look so incredibly wrong.

I haven't drawn cartoon male nudity in years. Men's hips/waist: How does it work? And I pretty much spent all day drawing a penis. I am stressing so much over it.

Life drawing. . .I find it is so much easier to "draw what you see" and for whatever reason I don't stress over life drawing.

I have this love hate relationship with this drawing. The eyes sort of bother me, only because it isn't how I normally draw eyes. But when I tried it didn't look right. I like what I did, but at the same time. . .it's not how I usually draw eyes.

It's like me and noses.


Also. Fun conversation tonight about nudity:
Anibunny: I've been working on a drawing all weekend that includes a naked man. I. . .it's probably the worst thing I have ever drawn in a while. So out of my comfort zone.
Screenname: Hmm, intersting. Well, I guess it's good to get out of the comfort zone from time to time.
Anibunny: Yeah. Exactly. So I will post it even if it is terrible. I just. . .need to go figure out what color blonds are down there. I mean. . .is it also blond? Black? Combination of the two? I have no idea. I don't think I have ever seen a naked blond.
Screenname: Oh. I used to be blond if that helps.
Anibunny: So. . .what color should I make his pubic hair? LOL.
Screenname: Well, mine's pretty dark... though so is my hair now. I would say in most cases it's probably just going to be dark. I can't imagine many guys having blond pubic hairs.
Anibunny: He he he all right. Figured maybe it would be like eyebrows, so a darker blond if anything not black. Lol. All my art reference books have people with dark hair so. . .no help.
Screenname: Yeah. I think eyebrows are a good point of reference. Sometimes hair just doesn't make any damned sense. Like for me, my facial hair tends to be lighter than the hair on my head and on my body. It's odd... not sure why. Maybe I should see a doctor? lol
Anibunny: lol.

All my photo reference books are either in black and white or none of the models have blond hair. I love pose/model books. Both nudes and clothed. Ever since I discovered that was a thing that exists (years ago) I buy them. Side note: I eventually realized so many people like to post "artistic" nudes on deviantArt so I went there.

I have an art book problem.

Anyway. My drawing is going to suck, I've spent a ridiculous amount of time on it, I'll post it anyway when it is done, but I will probably hate it. Except Billy looks hilarious and I love him.
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