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Earthquake~! :D

Chatting about the bible when suddenly!

Anibunny: Also. Earthquake~! :D
Friend: Oh yes. God loves him some earthquakes.
Anibunny: Yeah. I guess he is mad that I am helping you and is giving my area of California quakes. lol
Friend: Is it quaking right now?
Anibunny: It was! 4.6, 3.8, and 2.3.
Friend: Damn. When did that happen?
Anibunny: Just now.
Friend: Holy crap!
Friend: I'm assuming you're okay, but I'll ask anyway. You okay?
Anibunny: Yes. I am okay. I am actually several miles away from it, but I felt the bigger ones.
Friend: Oh, I see.
Anibunny: I hate to say it, but it is kind of fun when they aren't. . .big and destructive and ripping apart or crushing the Earth's crust.
Friend: I can imagine. I've never been in one.
Anibunny: Yeah. I remember my first noticeable one. I was high on pain medication after surgery. I thought the wind was blowing.
Anibunny: I emailed my friend who was in the next city over (and apparently a lot closer to it.) and he emailed me back with: YES THAT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE. NO IT WASN'T THE WIND.
Anibunny: He was not amused by his first earthquake
Friend: Ah, I see.
Anibunny: Also. If I am ever in a bad earthquake, I won't IM you with "Earthquake~! :D"
Friend: Okay. What will you IM me in the event of a scary earthquake so I know what's going on?
Anibunny: or something like that
Friend: Okay.
Anibunny: I promise you there will be no smile face emoticon
Friend: lol
Anibunny: I like how when you report you felt an earthquake on USGS you can pick your reaction and "excitement" is listed. Makes me feel okay about being excited. :D
Friend: Ha ha ha haaaa~

Edit: Dang. I keep checking USGS and Pinnacles, CA has had 14 quakes in the last hour. The 4.6 and a 3.6. Yesterday they had a 3.3. D: Earth, calm your faults! D:
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