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Comment on this post and let me know you want to participate. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

taichara picked the following:

Sulking - HE'S NOT DRUNK AND PEEING. He's sulking. As demonstrated by the "Sulking" keyword. Chibi Graham from "Gundams Have Keyless Entry." I thought it was a cute panel where Graham goes off and sulks, so I had to make it an icon. I like to use it for silly disappointments or problems. I'll also use it in the random moments where an inside joke with a certain Hamster or Penguin about an intoxicated Graham taking a piss is fitting.

Oh Hell Mountains. . . - Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love Ian. :D I will forever love this moment with Ian. XD I added "Well fuck me. . ." text because I am sure that (or something similar) was what was going through his head. That and hopefully people not familiar with it will be able to guess that it isn't some guy just enjoying the scenery. Keyword Oh Hell Mountains. . . because Oh hell. Mountains. (If you're not familiar with it, really basic summary: This guy is awesome. He builds Gundams. There was a big battle in space he gets injured. He misses a lot. When he wakes up he sees this. Obviously no longer in space and omgwhyareweonEarth. It's a very what the fuck moment and his facial expression is priceless. There's eye twitching.)

Anyway! I use this icon for "What the fuck?!" or "Well, fuck me. . ." moments. Obviously. :D

Hello Troll, I'm Totally Mature - This is a stock photo. I work with them from time to time and tend to ask the question, "How and when would someone need a picture like this?!" a lot. This guy. This guy is just so happy and hilarious looking. I made it my icon on twitter for a while which actually weirded out some people. I guess some people think he is creepy. I think he's funny. So I made it an LJ icon. I use it when I am being playfully, silly, ridiculous, or crazy. I also like to use it when I am replying to an "omg, obvious troll" because sometimes it's funny. Especially the angry trolls who just want to make you angry too.

When You're Down - I love Magna Carta and I find the art beautiful. omgeveryonehaships. I wanted something. This picture of Calintz is actually really awkward and (to me) strangely beautiful. He's kind of laying down, but at the same time lifting himself up and supporting himself with his weapon. I put the lyrics, "Stand up if you're broken." The song is "Stand Up" by Fireflight. It's a meaningful song to me. I use this icon for posts where I am trying to be strong. Where I feel broken or beaten, but I am trying to pick myself up and move again. Strength and motivation. Also used when other people are struggling since the song talks about how you're not alone.

Heroes - :D Megaman has been a big part of my life. X series is my favorite. Zero is my hero~ I love X and Zero. And I love this picture. To me it means strength, friendship, moving forward, and over coming obstacles. It's such a inspirational picture I think. So I use it as such. I use it for strength and optimistic posts or something where I feel a "heroes" icon is needed. Or friendships and "sticking together" or "working together." And of course, for Megaman related things.

Teapot! - Teach the Controversy! This is my atheist icon. I am not a fan of The Flying Spaghetti Monster to be honest. I think it is so incredibly far out there, that it misses the point it is trying to make. It's silly and ridiculous to me and I really wish the atheist community would drop it. Then you have dragons in garages and invisible pink unicorns. Which at least isn't blown up to the proportion as the FSM. I personally like Russel's Teapot. Which is what this icon is showing.

For those not familiar with it, Bertrand Russell was a philosopher and mathematician who came up with an analogy to explain what it means to hold the burden of proof by talking about a teapot orbiting the sun. I just like his explanation. (You can read it on wikipedia. I don't mean to ramble about this. :D;;) Anyway! Teach the Controversy has some cute images. It's to make fun of the idea that schools should teach Intelligent Design along with evolution since some people see Intelligent Design as being an "alternate theory." I use this icon for atheist related posts. Not necessarily religion related, but atheist related. Also sometimes science related posts. . .it just depends. I think I need a "Gravity is a Theory!" icon again.
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