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Wow, Really?

Saw someone complaining about popular webcomic artists. They rattled off a few and continued on to say fans of the comics must be idiots because:

• They are poorly drawn
• Anyone who has taken an art class can draw better than these artists
• They are simple and boring
• And they aren't even funny

I wanted to reply to them. I'm a fan of one of the comics rambled off and I just wanted to point out that to me it isn't about the complexity of the drawing that makes something art. It might not be humorous to them, but at times I really enjoy the humor, I find the characters interesting, and even though the art is simple. . .I find it has its own charm and beauty that I really enjoy.

Tumblr was being a dick about me replying to it so that meant I had to reblog/reply directly from the person's Tumblog. So I go there and found something that I was not expecting.


Like. Everywhere. Their blog was covered with Homestuck.

I really wanted to reply with "Are you fucking kidding me?!"

Are you FUCKING kidding me?!

Aaaaaargh. I hate some people.
Tags: misanthropic rage, rant, tumblr, wait whut?
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