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WTF Brain?! WHY?!

I don't even know. My dream last night involved Homestuck characters. I don't even read Homestuck, so why the hell would I dream about it?

I mean. I can't really tell you what happened since I don't know their names. Except Nepeta. She was being groomed by another troll. I know at one point a troll became god tier or something and another troll was doing something on a computer and pulling information about it and like. . .one of the kids were annoyed about something. And then there was Sailor Venus and she did this transformation thing and became a troll and I thought I had imagined it and then another troll was playing with this diamond ring. . .

. . .I don't know.

It's like that time I had an elaborate dream involving Code Geass even though I have never watched an episode.

I mean.

Why can't I dream about stuff like Ace Attorney, or Graham, or Final Fantasy Tactics, or Graham, or Game of Thrones, or Graham?!

Even a Fringe dream might be cool. Though, that might be freaky to dream about too. Things could be all dream-weird and still be close to canon. Actually, a Fringe dream might end up a nightmare.

I don't want to dream about Fringe.

I would blame Mu for this, but then I probably should have had a Penny Arcade dream instead.

Why didn't I have a Penny Arcade dream?! At least I use to read that.
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