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I try not to get married to many ideas as I work out details about my characters. Being flexible has allowed for some "happy-accidents" so to speak. Sometimes things just work out in a way I didn't really plan and I am left happy with the result. There are certain things I am cemented on, but overall I try to be flexible.

I want to ramble about Etoile, because I am super excited as to how he is shaping out in my head.

Etoile, Star, and Astron are three important people. The three judges that govern Astraea. Under them are other soldiers that help police all the communities. It is said that the three judges are the most powerful magic users on the globe, it is a position that can only be obtained through selection by the justices already in power.

When I was first working out their details, Star and Astron came pretty easy. They filled important roles and Etoile ended up more as a background character. Almost there just because I needed someone there.

I didn't think much about him as I worked on different details.

Star was a very harsh and (in my mind) sometimes loud character. Astron is more down to earth and while he appears to be more of a leader, it is really Etoile who helps support Astron. Etoile, though a filler character, is more of the foundation of the three.

Etoile is a very quiet character who keeps to himself. He is a very calculated individual and to Astraea, he is the most just. A very logical person. He does struggle with showing or feeling emotions. Star gets a small sense of enjoyment from dealing out death penalties where Astron struggles with it the most. Etoile doesn't seem to be phased by it. ( I really would like to draw a picture of them someday showing them about to kill a criminal. )

Eventually I began to wonder what if Etoile turns out to be a manipulative character and really a "bad guy". I thought it was very interesting and went off in that direction. Ideas simply snowballed from that and it all seemed so fitting. How he would be working with Lord Tyr. Motivated to become in a position that is similar to Nirvana's.

Etoile seemed to finally have his place.

There is an important scene and conversation that happens between the three. And one day I was working on the details of the conversation, playing it out in my head, and a new "twist" came to mind.

In this timeline, the belief in gods is so important that it never crossed my mind that there would be people who didn't believe in them. (In an earlier time it was something I had considered and in some areas of the world, was common.) But as I played the conversation over and over in my head, more and more it seemed like it would be fitting for Etoile to be an atheist. It was an interesting twist that I played around with and I liked how it divided up the three.

" It doesn't matter if there are gods or none. If we don't stand united, Astraea will surely fall." Spoken by Astron and a line that I love so much.

As I worked on the details, I found I could use this fact to solve a problem I had been dealing with. Everything was falling into place.

Of course. Most of this was in my head. This little fact I came up with a while ago. Recently for fun and out of boredom, I began writing down a "script" of all my favorite scenes to post on LJ. (Eventually I will post that!) I sat down to write out that important scene.

It had changed some from what it was originally, but the main idea was still there. When I was almost done writing it out, I began to feel a little uncomfortable by it. It didn't feel right any longer to have Etoile being this sinister character that no one was supposed to see coming. Or even simply a traitor to Astraea. I sat long and mulled it over, trying to work out what would happen after that scene. I focused on the change I had added to the script, something I liked and a new idea came to mine.

It was then Etoile's place and Etoile's plan changed completely. It wouldn't change the ending for the story and instead it only changed what happens to him. He was no longer a character to feel disgusted toward and instead one I felt sorry for. He is still not a "good" character and I imagine some people would still really dislike or hate him for something he does, but it all makes me love him so much. (This is what prompted my vague OC entry a while back.)

What started out a filler character has become one of my favorite characters in my story.
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