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I apologize to all my OCs who might have this problem

So, I wanted to draw tonight. I decided to just. . .draw. Not really think about it, just do it. I was really liking what I was drawing, so I started trying to expand on it and make it into something more.

It's of Kevyn and I think I am going to try and add two other characters. A collage of characters. I am really bad at those kinds of pictures. I am also bad at animals. . .and lookie here.

I drew my fox mount. If I wanna make this into a comic at some point I need to draw things I am not comfortable with.

As I was making adjustments, I realized something. So I did a silly comic.

In my drawing of Ashdon (that I will someday color), it wouldn't be a problem. But Kevyn clearly has this issue of potential ear smacks. Oh well. Makes things more fun~
Tags: art: doodle, art: original, ocs, revelations, wip
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