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Floral Crap and Kittens

So, for my birthday, one of the things I asked for was an apron. I know. Really simple. You would think I would be able to drive to the store and buy one myself for like, what? $6?

Well. Every store I go into and think, "Oooo, aprons!" I only find floral crap or kittens. I love kittens. I don't love kittens on aprons. I've been too lazy to actually look for one online. Mainly because I don't think about it when I am online.

So I get a box into work today from amazon. Two small gifts wrapped inside. The notes on both read: "One apron. Love dad." Why do I need two aprons? Well. This is the first one I opened up. . .

Oh dad, I love you.

What amuses me most about this, everyone I have been showing this too have been so. . .in love with it. Go on and on about hot cute it is and how my dad has great taste. I then bring them back down to earth and remind them that it is a gift for me. Even though I can agree that it is kind of cute and fun. . .it's not for me. No no no no no.

The reactions have been, "Oh. Yeah. . ." And then laughter when I remind them.

This is my dad's idea of a fun joke and this is why I love him. I am going to hold onto this and re-gift it to him a year or so from now. Because that's how I roll.

He also bought me a black one with pinstripes, by the way.

Aprons: Flirty Aprons Women's Marilyn, Sugar n' Spice | Chef Works Chalk Stripe Bib Apron
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