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Revelations: World Map

I've wanted to do this since. . .I dunno. Forever! But I get so overwhelmed and then it never happens. I've wanted to draw a world map for the fantasy world in my head. Reading up on "world creation" there is so much to it. Oh man.

It's really been bothering me lately as I feel like I can't begin to think about the story without knowing where basic cities are located. I know what some of the important cities/towns are, but with so much going on. . .I need to realistically know where everything is in relationship to each other.

So, I broke down. I decided I have to start somewhere so I carved out a basic shape and worked from there. I figure with this it will help my story and I can refine it later down the road and make it better.

Sorry for no city names! I don't have them all and so I felt silly labeling only some of them. And I didn't do a key for the icons. IT'S LATE.

Capitals are marked with a flag. The giant tree over a pyramid are the Northern and Southern Temples of Sephiroth. The plus sign in the desert is a holy site. Finally, the white "x" (it's actually cross bones) is a ruins called Gehenna.

Regions. . .

Just putting this map together helped me a bit with one problem I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

So yeah. I'm tired. I would probably ramble more if I wasn't so tired.
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