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I'm itching to draw. I want to do something I spend a lot of time on and that is meaningful to me. Amazingly, with all the things I want to draw currently, I was having trouble picking out what that one thing could be.

Settled on coming up with something of one of my OCs. Last night I was going to have a poll because I couldn't decide who to draw. Sephira, Apocalypse, or Genesis. Realizing not everyone might know who they are I went digging for old reference pictures.

Even though I use to draw them a lot years and years ago, I couldn't find anything I liked or could really use as a good example.

Well. I guess that fact kind of made the decision for me.

I am going to try and draw a picture involving all three of them. Which. . .will be a challenge.

On a random side note. I stumbled onto this the other day. . .

I died of cute. I want to redraw this and make it shiny too. I can't believe this is from 2007!
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