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File Hoarding

I noticed on Friday that Bring was in the red. So stuffed that I really needed to take the time to clear out garbage and free up some space. Same with Axl, but Axl was easy. I got him down to half and half.

Bring was harder. The best way to put it, I hoard files. I don't delete stuff off my computer, like, ever. Ended up clearing out about a fourth of space. A lot better than where I was before, but I was hoping to clear off more.

Oh well.

I also took the time to organize my Union folder again. I don't know what I would do without programs that can search out duplicate images and batch rename files.

Billy - 190
Daryl - 30
Graham - 879
Howard - 19
Joshua - 48
Billy & Graham - 453
Daryl & Graham - 24
Graham & Howard - 16
Graham & Joshua - 39
Graham/Mecha - 13
Comic - 70
Misc - 266
SolBrave - 19
General Union - 93

Total - 2,159

I deleted all my Baccano! and Edgeworth images. But I am hoarding holding onto these, damnit!
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