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The bad thing about watching a current series, you have to wait a week for the next episode. Nuuuuuu! I want to draw a little short comic for Tiger and Bunny. Only because the whole, "I have to repay you for saving me." thing made me go, "Wait a second!"

It gives me an amusing idea.

I will admit, every time I consider drawing fanart for T&B, I just wanna draw Fire Emblem.

So, yeah. All caught up through episode 12 of T&B. That left me with Game of Thrones which I still had trouble with. So I downloaded them and only up through three episodes. I love it. It stirs up my OCs.

Knowing that a lot of people die throughout the show, I am staring at one particular character going, "I hope you're one of the people who will die." over and over again. Though I could see him being someone who lives a while.

But I hope he dies. And I hope it is an awesome death. Like. Preferably killed by one of two people I have in mind.

I want to get the books and read. *nodnod*
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