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Time Lapse

I spent an absurd amount of time with Adobe Premier making my coloring time lapse. Granted, after rendering for about 2 hours, it crashed and I have to do it all over again. Still. And it was kind of bad quality.

Mu mentioned using Windows Live Movie Maker when producing hers, so I decided to give it a shot.

Adobe Premier. Fucking 8 hours of my time and 4 hours to upload to youtube.

Windows Live Movie Maker. 20 minutes of my time and maybe 10 minutes to upload?

*Pulling out hair.* I feel like I should just turn in my Video Production degree. Fuck. Then again, I've always hated editing video. I LOVE IT AND I HATE IT. Tis why I swore I would NEVER become an editor.

So I deleted the old and uploaded the new since it is so much better and cleaner. Just posting it here now.

*Head desk.*

Tags: art: fanart, youtube
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