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Manga Studio

I got a new toy! I've always wanted Manga Studio, just been lazy since it is pricey and I don't need it. But now I has it. I've been playing with it since I got home from work. Tee-hee~

So I was just messing around and trying to see what was all available. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was able to get the idea with the "beginners assistant" that it offers. I quickly learned that I love love love sketching and inking in Manga Studio.

The most intense moment is seeing what inks look like without sketches. I can't tell you how many times where I think a drawing looks good and then when I remove the sketch my inks look AWFUL. But I was happy to see that it wasn't bad at all!

Decided to start on a more serious drawing to get a better feel for the program. Three sketch layers with different "pencils". Also had a corrections layer. Flipping and rotating the canvas. . .sooooo nice. Especially rotating the canvas. I never did that with photoshop.

Coloring. Pretty much the same as photoshop to me. LOL.

I gave up trying to shade in Manga Studio. But that's okay. I didn't get Manga Studio to replace Photoshop so no biggie if coloring will need PS. What's nice is Manga Studio can export to PSD with up to 5 layers. Sweet! And there is a PSD import. . .so I will have to try that later. Exporting to PSD was no problem. I am just not use to doing drawings at 600dpi. XD I was like, "Oh shit. . .small brush is small."

I am enjoying the program so far. I can't wait to try making actual comics in it, but I have some time before that begins. LOL. I will say I love love love sketching and inking in this program.
Tags: art: fanart, technology
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