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Fffffff-- yesterday. Some seriously awesome stuff yesterday.

It started off bad. I like to upload my comics to Facebook, (Gundam 00C has a fan page, ya'all.) but it's been a while and Facebook changed things. Before I just had to put a ridiculous amount of white space on the sides to keep the comics from being resized. NOW THAT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. FANTASTIC.

But guess what that means?! I had my comic done. :D I finished one on Sunday and I finished the other last night so I should be posting tonight. So, yay!

A friend sent me a link to the Amazon's gold box deal of the day or whatever. Which was Anime Studio and Manga Studio. Fffff, I've always wanted Manga Studio. I just kept putting it off. So instead of $200ish, I paid $85ish. Super excited to get it!

I got my Fringe season 2 Box Set in the mail yesterday! :D

And I had an awesome dinner and a good talk with my dad. PF Changs. :9
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