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SakuraCon: Big Summary of DOOM

I'm back! Kinda. Okay, I am currently typing this from my hotel room in Oregon, I have another 7ish hours of driving ahead of me, that will be tomorrow.

Anyway, I will break up this massive update into easy to read sections so you can read the parts of interest and I can still have my massive update all together. Let's go~

The Driving - Driving from California to Washington, yeah it is long, but it isn't too bad. The drive was split into two days due to the request by parents. (three technically on the drive there so that I could stop in and see my parents.) I tried to split it evenly as possible with 7 hours each day and honestly, I didn't feel drained or exhausted by the end of each drive. I could have gone on longer, but I don't know how far.

But I haven't minded the drive at all and I have seen a lot of beautiful areas. Many I haven't seen before. Oregon was a new thing for me. Sure, I've been to Oregon before, but I will say it was amusing to me that I didn't have to pump my own gas. It feels weird, but after a few fill-ups, I got use to it and kind of wish it was like that in Washington or California, ha ha ha.

Two hiccups. The first 30 miles into the drive, there was a terrible accident ahead of me that left me stuck for an entire HOUR. I was only 30 miles INTO the drive and already stuck in a "parkinglot" on the free way. It was really frustrating, but a semi had crashed into the meridian and caught on fire. Eventually things got moving and later I found a news story and no one was injured (somehow) in the accident.

The other hiccup? I learned something new about my car and it gave me a heart attack. Paranoid to having a repeat of last year (car's transmission went out in Seattle), I took my car to the mechanic for an oil change and a look over to make sure there are no concerns and that it would be good for a long drive. They said it was fine and a few days later I am off on my trip. Well, there I was somewhere in the middle of the mountains in Oregon when my dashboard information turned off and was replaced with a single message: CHANGE OIL SOON.

I mentally panicked. I'm only 600 miles into my recent oil change and now I am being told to change oil soon? My worst fear was that maybe I was losing oil or something, so I pulled off at the nearest gas station. In Oregon, they will check your oil for you as part of the service and I hurried inside to buy more oil in case. I was in the mountains and would be some time before I could get an actual oil change or see a mechanic. The guy tending my car comes in (lol, there was only ONE person working that gas station) and told me my oil was fine. I got confused, after a short conversation, I went back into my car and began flipping through my manual. I didn't want to ignore it because the CHANGE OIL SOON message was making it so I couldn't get any of my usual dashboard information. That's when I learned that after an oil change you're supposed to manually reset something in the dashboard menu. I dunno how many oil changes I have gone through and it has never been a problem. *Sigh* Oh well.

Cosplaying: Akita Neru - Cosplaying! Friday I was Akita Neru, a vocaloid. I remember last year seeing TONS of Mikus and this year I was happy to see more of a variety. Including a few other Nerus!

It was a lot of fun overall. I was worried about the wig and will admit that near the end of the day it was KILLING me, but it managed to stay together well somehow all day. Neru did get a lot of attention and I was super excited when I found another Neru. I think there were three total including myself. The first one I found had such a gorgeous wig! The other used her real hair and I know there are a lot of cosplay-elitists who frown on that and in some situations, it makes me sad too, but! I really thought it looked cute. She had very long hair and I dunno. I really liked it.

One person who saw me and asked for a hug said he was so excited to see a Neru and then as he was turning away commented to his friends that his con experience was made. lol. See, that's why I like cosplaying. There seems to be a lot of elitism all over the internet about it, but when I am at the con, it's just so much fun to see and meet people!

Cosplaying: Graham Aker (Solbrave Commander) - Saturday cosplay that required special makeup. Didn't get much attention, but when I cosplay Graham, I really don't care. lol. That and I don't think ANYTHING will ever top the moment when I first cosplayed Graham and had a big group hug by other Graham fans. ♥

Anyway, I was surprised that a few strangers did ask for my picture this time.

TWO people asked if I was Mr. Bushido and I just wanted to be like, "That's a moment of my past I wish to forget." lol. One person, the conversation went like this:

Photog: Can I get your picture? You're Mr. Bushido, right?
Me: Well, Graham after that.
Photog: (After telling me a little bit about how he likes Gundam 00) Have you seen the movie?
Me: . . .

I know we don't see him in the uniform in the movie. . .but. Gah. lol. I was actually amused.

There were no Gundam cosplayers this year, but I have a picture of me hugging a Zaku-person and the Zaku picking me up. LOL. A little more about that later. Oh, and I mean Gundam Mobile Suits. Ha ha ha. There were Gundam characters like Char, Garma, Domon, Lockon, Tieria, and a Setsuna. A Setsuna who still had his facial hair. Oh, and some Wing cosplayers. . .but ya know. That's Wing.

Cosplaying: Iceland (SatW) - OH MY GOODNESS. What I considered my "Lazy, comfortable, and easy cosplay" ended up being the most popular. AND on Easter Sunday of all days! When there are less people. . .I was constantly being waved at, asked for pictures, yelled at, and asked for hugs!

I did get mistaken for being "England" in the sense that a few people (I'm assuming) thought the Flag of Iceland was Flag of the United Kingdom. *Shrugs* Another person commented that I looked like a vampire due to all my sparkles. Mrf. And some people thought I was from Hetalia.

ALSO while I was Iceland, a woman came and asked me if I was Icelandic. I said "no" and then she said, "Nice flag." winked, and then pointed to a man she was with who was talking to someone else near by and said that he was actually Icelandic and they were curious when they saw me. I wanted to wibble and be like, "I KNOW it would make more sense for me to cosplay Ireland or even Germany, but but. . .Iceland!" lol. (Dude, I don't think I would make a very good Germany, lol. Ireland would be easy. XD;; I certainly have the freckles for it!)

But yeah! Everyone was amused by my sparkles (of course many people had to comment about how glitter is the herpes of craft supplies and therefore I was spreading herpes to people around the con when they hugged me.) and many people got Iceland sparkles rubbed onto them when they asked for hugs. ( Iceland DID get one glomp. With permission of course. ) A few people asked where my parachute was (I told them I had used it flying in that morning.) or if I was going to summon some hell-spawn. lol.

But yeah. Iceland was so much fun. So I think I will need to use this cosplay again and maybe even try making a dark matter demon to squish and carry around.

Cosplays I Saw - Oh man, I dunno where to start! For once I didn't feel like the convention was over saturated with one series. Yeah, there were a lot of Links and Panty & Stocking characters, but not to the point where I'm like "Oh my god. . .too many." I actually thought there would be more Homestuck Trolls.

I found a Kuchiha from Amatsuki on Sunday. I really hope the picture I got of her turns out well since she said no one really recognized her. I do wish there were more Amatsuki characters and I would LOVE to cosplay Bonten, but I'm not too sure how binding would work with that cosplay. (Open back)

I found a Domon cosplayer, but wasn't in a position where I could get a picture so after yelling at him to get his attention (I was stuck in a line and he was not.) I asked him for a hug. He shouted something (I think like "Burning hug!") and glomped me and picked me up. It was awesome. Then he shouted shining finger and ran away. The guy in front of me looked confused and I told him where he's from. lol.

I FOUND BACCANO! COSPLAYERS! Lad, Lua, Miria, Issac, Vino, and Graham. VINO THOUGH OMG. The first time I saw him, it was in the Artist Alley and it was packed. I couldn't ask for a picture so I asked him for a hug. But, he was, um. . .Vino COVERED in blood so I was like, "Excuse me? Could I get a hug, I know this might be. . . *motions to him* weird and all." He laughed and gave me a hug. :D

I saw an ADORABLE Gumshoe and was sad I could never ask him for a hug or a pic. D: He was cute and Gumshoe-y.

Zaku! Okay, so on Friday when I was Neru. . .I saw some UC Gundam people walking by. There was a guy in a nice suit, but with a Zaku head. I was amused, so I hurried over and asked for a picture and he looked at me and then was like, "I know you!" I paused and then realized it was the other Graham cosplayer (Doug) from last year. :D He took off the Zaku head and sure enough it was. We hung out later Satuday when I was Graham. He was still suit!Zaku and while we were walking around we found a Setsuna who happened to be carrying pieces of a Zaku. I guess he had full body cosplay of a Zaku and was carrying it back. . .Doug borrowed another piece and it was a joke that he was slowly turning into a Zaku as the day went on. In the dealer's hall, a UC fan stopped Doug with a large Zeon flag. There was a moment where the guy with the flag recited the Seig Zeon! speech. That. . .that was definitely an interesting moment.

I found a Sweden and two or three Icelands and and and a Finland! :D Sweden was the first one I found and I was actually cosplaying Iceland as I hurried over and got all excited and asked for a picture. Sweden seemed really put off and annoyed and I started to think I was annoying her and then I realized something (as I was thanking her.) she was totally in character and in a sense I was in character. Haaa ha ha. Once of the Icelands was a little sad that she didn't have sparkles and then I made her day as I took out my "spare sparkles" and shared with her. :D ICELANDS GOTTA STICK TOGETHER! One Iceland had little sparkly cut out sparkles that match the comic better. It looked really cute.

BATMAN. Wow. There was an epic Batman. He looked like he stepped right out of the movie, omg. But honestly, I was more excited by the Robin that was with him. XD I recognized the Robin as Heimdall who I had been looking for pretty much since the start of SakuraCon. I missed seeing him last year, but we met at SakuraCon two years ago at the con because I was cosplaying Graham. We talk a little online and so at least seeing him ONCE in the con was a must. And it happened. AND it happened while he was cosplaying Robin and found a Batman to pose with. :D Couldn't get better than that. Also, his cosplay was so fantastic. He made it in one day shortly before con and it came out very nicely. I'll post pics tomorrow. (I'll be sad if it didn't come out.)

I saw briefly a Grace O'Connor and Sheryl Nome in passing on the escalator. ;~; I'm sad because I know them as Kolibri and AG. And I never saw them again so I couldn't even say hi (other than the waving-hi I gave them as we passed). T_T

Event: Cosplay Skits - I've never gone to the cosplay skits that are done and damnit, this was going to be the year that I went to it. And I hurried in. Definitely a mix bag and it went on FOREVER.

There were a few good skits. I actually liked the Hetalia Flag dance that got interrupted by Sealand and everyone tried to explain that he wasn't invited because he isn't a real country. But I really don't think it is worth the wait in line and watching the entire thing unless there is someone you know doing a skit. If I ever go to it again, I will probably show up late on purpose to try and only see the intermediate and master class. ( Though some novice classes were good just as there was a master class that. . .wasn't good. )

Event: Exit Trace Concert - Good band. I actually really enjoyed their music.

Event: Print and Publish Your Own Comic - I am really glad I went to this panel, it was really interesting to hear. They discussed how to print and publish your own comic including web publishing. How to get started, things to consider, and what is involved. It was a panel ran by five women who have been doing it for years and some had backgrounds in working for comicbook companies.

This panel was important to me and it was great. I later found some of the women in the dealer's hall and asked them some questions. (I did this on Sunday when I knew there would be fewer people.)

I would really love my Revelations characters to actually exist in a form where other people can know about them and (hopefully) enjoy the story as much as I enjoy it in my head. I just. . .I just don't know how or where to start or what would be best. But this panel gave me some direction and things to consider.


I've seen this panel EVERY year, but I just kind of passed it on by. But in another panel someone was talking about it and my curiosity sparked so I dragged Mia and Blake to it. The panel is basically a group of people who all search out the worst possible porn fanfic on the internet and read it. WHILE it is being read. . .other people, um, act it out.

So the first fic we had was a Matrix fic. Where Trinity really should have died by the massive dick that I guess Morpheus had. It even got a little technical in describing how she got a dislocated hip.

Next fic was My Little Pony. Nothing like seeing two grown men humping each other while pretending to be ponies. This fic included a sex scene where the sex apparently lasted 5 hours long and had a lot (and I mean a lot) or nibbling and nuzzling in it. What amuses me most about this fic is how it described that the male ponies all left their female ponies in the morning before the females woke up. Awww. . .how sweet. lol.

We also had a fic that was a mix of fandoms. I think the pairing would best be described as Batman/Superman/Penny and also included Brain in there too. So yes, Inspector Gadget, Superman, and Batman with an honorable mention of Robocop since this story was actually a follow-up to a Robotcop/Batman fic that was read last year. (So Batman was fantasizing about Robocop.)

There was a A-Team one where, well. . .it was funny watching the four guys acting it try to figure out how it was physically possible to do what was being described. Some of the actors were in cosplay so even funnier was having to see Jesus (pretend to) give Commander Riker a blowjob.

A Harry Potter fic was read. Didn't have sex, but had so much "WHAT THE FUCK?!" factor that it fit RIGHT IN with all the rest. All I really remember was that each chapter was like 5 paragraphs long and there was a scene involving diapers filled with hot sauce and chicken bones.

Alf also had a feature in the readings. It was short and very weird. HILARIOUS seeing it acted out though.

There was also a Care Bear fic called Slave Bear. Um. This fic. . .there are no words. All I will say is that you know how the Care Bear Stare involves rainbows and their little icon is glowing and flying through the rainbow? In this fic, that's how they cum too.

And the last one I listened to before omg, sleep needed, was a Thundercats fic. This fic instead of acting had sign language which made it HILARIOUS. It. . .it was special. I'll never look at Snarf the same way again.

The euphimism of the con became Tuna Orchard. Tuna Orchard. . .ffff. . .I don't even.

Event: Gundam Unicorn Episodes 1 and 2 - I wanted to see Gundam Unicorn and went with Doug and some of his friends.

I enjoyed it. Yeah, I don't know a whole lot about UC, but you really don't need to to be able to follow? Yeah, you miss some things, but I wasn't lost in watching it. I overheard the significance and importance of Riddhe, so I know there are things I am not getting. Riddhe, would have to be my favorite so far.

Now during this, a problem happened. The computer running it shuts down right when Banagher was leaving the platform in the Unicorn Gundam to battle Frontal. Very loud and vocal fans in a large room. In the process of trying to fix it, at one point there is a freeze frame of the Sinanju. People started shouting "Sieg Zeon!" and then eventually the entire room shouted "Sieg Zeon!" all at once and together. It was another. . .moment. lol. I love conventions.

I did go to some other events and panels, but nothing that needs to be noted. lol.

Overall - I really enjoyed it like always. I am glad I got to see Mia and Blake and be with them for a while and talk. I miss seeing them whenever I want. Also hanging out with fellow Graham cosplayer and Neth was fun. Neth was actually who I stayed with Thursday and Sunday night to save money and shared a hotel room well. I'm happy I got to see Heimdall, though sad I missed Kolibri, AG, and ani_cosmos. ( I saw ani_cosmos briefly on Thursday! ) I am also disappointed I missed out on the AMV contest, but oh well. Next year! :D

Things I Purchase - Can't believe I almost forgot to mention things I bought! Most of my money was spent in either the Artist Alley or one specific Gundam booth in the dealer's hall. I feel good that I actually bought more things from AA this year.

I bought the Commander Type and Standard Type Brave 1/144 models. Only one booth had them and they had only a couple, so I snatched those quickly. I also got a d20 necklace, some pretty anime girl figures for coworkers, Megaman figure (don't know which one yet), Phoenix and Edgeworth keychain, Billy and Graham button, Megaman button, Edgeworth button, Gumshoe button, and I feel like I got something else at AA, but can't remember what. I also bought two small black Gundam stands, and a large Celestial Being stand. lol. Black stands are for the Braves, though I have no idea where I will put them once they are built.

I'll post pictures tomorrow. I am worried a lot didn't come out since I ended up having to use my phone. I will grab some pics of me other people took to post. :3

BTW. . .I spent a good two hours yesterday and an hour today trying to find pictures of me on the internet that other people took. Iceland got the most pictures taken, then Neru, and Graham with like a whopping four or five pics.

. . .So guess what the only picture I found so far is of? Yup. Graham. Lol. WTF.

Yes expect a photo dumb in the future and some locked entries that are more specific about other things. But I need sleep if I want to get an early start tomorrow. lol.
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