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Last night I felt pretty good with where I was at with things I had left to do. I get up this morning and felt panicked and rushed. Ha ha ha.

Now I feel good again and for the last hour I got to sit and do nothing, which was nice. As you can see by my list: CLICK, I am pretty much all ready! :D I wanted to wash my uniform gloves and they are taking forever to dry. That's why they aren't "packed".

Packed, did some grocery shopping for supplies for the trip, and cleaned even more. I LOVE coming home to a very clean home. ♥

Tomorrow I work. Try to wrap up loose ends and stuff. I have a therapy appointment that I am SUPER excited for. So much to talk about. lol.

Tomorrow after work I am going to take it easy and burn a bunch of new CDs for the drive. lol. Then Tuesday I will leave for Oregon. Planning on leaving at 8am and it is a 7.5 hour drive to where I am staying in Oregon.

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