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Truth Hurts and Life Sucks

About a month ago my mother who was drunk called me. Somehow she got on the topic of my Aunt C who got a new job. A really good one and it would have her traveling a lot. There was just an issue.

For a while Aunt C was living in a house next door and owned by my Aunt K who married Uncle P. While there, Aunt C had her two cats she had adopted, but was essentially kicked out of the home by Uncle P and in the mean time, Aunt K took care of the cats. But Uncle P didn't want cats and finally called up Aunt C who was still trying to get things in order for her life and demanded her to decide what to do about these "damn cats".

I guess there was a fight. I don't know the details. It ended with Aunt C emotionally yelling "I don't care, kill them." and Uncle P chasing them down and taking them to a shelter. My mother telling me this story that I really don't want to hear about and she's getting all hysterical. She's going on about how much she hates Uncle P (Brother-in-Law) and how if she had known, she would have sent money to have the cats flown to Washington or whatever.

I had to listen to an hour of her telling me how much she hates him.

I have two cats. Fleece lives with me. Artemis is my cat I had since he was a kitten. . .13 years ago. He doesn't exactly move well and after a few weeks of trying to get him adjusted to living with me outside of my parents' house. . .my parents offered to take him back. To take care of him. That was in 2004.

So yesterday I talk to mother about my trip plans. Today she calls me again to talk about what we talked about yesterday. Then randomly out of the blue she texts me saying she doesn't want Artemis any more and what should she do.

Oh and I then get another text saying I need to tell her now because she doesn't want him anymore.

You know what? Fuck you. I've thanked you throughout the years of you taking him since it was obvious that he wouldn't be able to adjust to living with me in a new place. You really didn't have to do that. Now you're dropping this bomb on me?

Fuck. You.

I texted saying that I didn't care. She wasn't happy. So I just said, "What did C say to P when he did this to her? I can't remember." Because that's right. You're acting like the very man you despise and I know I am acting childish and acting just like my mother by pointing this out, but I don't fucking care.

After crying for about an hour panicking and wondering if I could maybe pick up Artemis and take him to California with me on my way home from SakuraCon, I am more than pissed.

I don't need this unnecessary fucking shit right now. Not with all the stress I have at work at the moment, getting over a fucking month long cold, and getting ready for a trip where I will be driving over a thousand miles alone.

Fuck you, mother. Fuck you.

It makes me want to REALLY say a big "fuck you" by not going to see my parents next week. Just drive straight to Seattle.

Because god fucking damn. I try so fucking hard to be a "good daughter" in some ways and I still get treated like shit. It's like she's starting to realize that she can't do certain things to me anymore, but she still manages to find a way to make me cry.
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