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I Rarely Update Anymore

Okay, thing I've been up to.

SakuraCon is coming super fast. This week is my last full work week before I leave. My parents don't want me to drive the full way in one go so the plan is to leave a week from tomorrow, stay in Oregon, drive to my parents house on Wednesday, and then Thursday morning I head into Seattle. I don't need to break it into three days like that, but I want to see my parents while I am in the same state. Even if it is only for a real short time. *Laugh*

Right now I am thinking Akita will be Friday, Graham on Saturday, and Iceland on Sunday. If I remember right there is a Vocaloid panel on Friday which is what decided the order.

Work has been extremely stressful lately. Especially the last two weeks.

Therapy has been going well. Where it is located, I can get sushi if I go to therapy during the lunch hour. It's kind of nice. My next session is next Monday.

Been watching a ton of Scrubs. I forgot how much I really enjoy that show and I wanted to catch up on all the episodes I've missed. . .which has been quite a lot. Some of Season 5 and then Season 6 and on I haven't seen. Finally watched through Season 8. I really like how Season 8 ended and when I started the final season. . .it just didn't feel the same. So I don't think I will watch it. Seriously, I can't imagine how they could end Season 9 better than Season 8. . .and I rather end on that awesome ending.

I've been working on cosplay, so I haven't been able to finish my last comic. Plus, I needed my tablet at work and have been forgetting it at work. *Shakes fist.* ( I brought it home today. Huzzah! )

Oh! I've been sick for over a month. Been coughing like crazy after having a regular head cold for three days. First week I tried all that tea, gargling, and nasal rinsing stuff. No luck. Second week I tried my favorite over the counter drugs. At the end of that second week and showing no sign of getting better I went to the doctor SO! The third week I did antibiotics and the fourth week I simply made myself ill on cough drops and waited for the antibiotics to kick in. With no luck, exactly a month into it I saw another doctor about it. This was last Wednesday and he gave me stronger anibiotics for a longer period of time. I've only been on them for five days and I notice a difference! So I feel optimistic that I will be better by SakuraCon only to get sick by by being around so many people in a small area. YAY.
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