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I've finally started watching the 00 movie. Figured I needed to with SakuraCon just around the corner, but I am getting the feeling we never see Graham in the Federation Uniform. (. . .What I'm cosplaying.) He seems to always be in space.



A two hour movie is becoming three hours as I was having audio sync problems at parts. And even though I am reading subtitles most of the time, I still can tell it isn't matching up and it drives me nuts.

That and I keep having to stop it to laugh my ass off or to make a "whut" face at it. (It seems when I make a "whut" face while watching this movie, I stop paying attention as I am just frozen in "whut" mode and have to go back and rewatch it when I snap out of it.)

So I haven't finished it.

My plan instead of writing up what I think about the movie when it is over, is to compile a list of animated gifs showing my reactions in order while watching the movie.

I must say, there are portions of this movie that I am terrified of having in my dreams tonight. Ffffff--
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