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Naming Convention

I asked someone what they would think if I changed my name someday. He spent the rest of the night thinking of a new name for me.

Friend: OOH, how about Rikku? lol
Anibunny: lol.
Anibunny: How about. . .Richard?
Friend: You're gonna take a guy's name?
Anibunny: You suggested the name of a videogame character.
Anibunny: Who is the crazy one here?
Friend: How about Carmen?
Anibunny: No, I couldn't have that name while living in California
Friend: Why not?
Anibunny: Fear of people asking me why I don't live in San Diego.
Friend: If you changed your name to Carmen Sandiego I'd get three other guys to form an a capella group with me and we'd just follow you around everywhere singing that song.
Anibunny: Ha ha ha
Anibunny: Don't encourage me.
Friend: Oooh, how about Kimberly?
Anibunny: Ah. No.
Anibunny: I don't mind the name, but not fitting.
Friend: You don't want to be the pink ranger?
Anibunny: Definitely not
Anibunny: I was always the green ranger
Friend: Pfft, fine. I'll be the red ranger. So I'm still in charge... even if you are cooler. lol
Anibunny: LOL
Anibunny: How about. . .GRAHAM?
Friend: I guess you could... I might call you crackers though. lol
Anibunny: I could live with that
Friend: Ha ha ha.
Friend: How about Slagathor?
Anibunny: Ah. . .
Anibunny: How about no.
Friend: But Meag... I mean Crackers, listen to me. *shakes* I think I really AM the Knife Tank!
Anibunny: No, Neth. You aren't. Don't worry. You're Neth.
Anibunny: And you're made of awesome and win, not of tank and knives.
Friend: Then why do I have ALL THESE KNIVES ON MY ARMS!?
Anibunny: Because that's your super power
Friend: ...
Friend: *looks at Grahm... and wonders if he spelled that name right*
Anibunny: Graham.
Friend: Okay... right... I think I'm okay now.
Anibunny: Oh good.
Friend: Wait, is it pronounced like "Grah Ham" or just like "Gram"?
Anibunny: Like Gram.
Anibunny: They spell it like Graham Crackers too.
Friend: Okay. All those other letters are not necessary. I think for your name you should spell it like Graym.
Anibunny: So do you pronouce it like you would pronounce DAY-UMN! "Damn" with two syllables?
Friend: No, it would still be like "Gram" but it would look unique.
Friend: And cool.
Anibunny: Ah okay okay

The knife tank thing. . .yeah. Relates to a flash game he found and showed me. He's called me "Crackers" for three nights now and I'm like, "Lol. We're really doing this?"

On a random note, I would love to have my own a capella group following me around. How win would that be?

Other names suggested: Crystal, Summer, Lizette, Lina, Lexi, Helga. . .turned out he was just saying names of girls he knew waiting for me to say "I hate that name!" so he could say "I'm going to tell them you hate their name."

Helga wasn't someone he knew though. lol.
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