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No Phone

If anyone asks, I gave my phone up for Lent.

It just took me this long to decide on what to give up.

. . .And I'll pick up using the phone again when I have one. Again. Which will be before Easter. lol.

I was fortunate to run into a nice man who talked to me while at TMobile and he helped me decide what to do. I was faced with a dilemma. My original plan was to waltz into TMobile and buy their cheapest phone and change my plan to the cheapest I could get it (except with unlimited texting). This was to hold me off until I felt comfortable with spending the hundreds of dollars to cancel my plan to shell out another few hundred for a switch to Verizon.

One problem.

Even though I could change my plan to the least amount of minutes possible, texting to nothing, and cancel my insurance. . .my unlimited data and unlimited web use is built in to my contract and I am stuck with it. Awesome. </Sarcasm>

Which means. . .if I got the cheapest phone, I would still have to pay for a service I couldn't use. No. Now I have to buy an android phone. Honestly, I can afford to cancel my contract and switch to Verizon. It would cost about the same if I just bought a new phone from TMobile at full price. (I just don't want to fork out $400 to $500 today.)

I was looking at their cheapest android phone and started chatting with a guy there. He helped me refocus and think things out. I found out my contract should end about the same time (or even sooner) AT&T takes over TMobile. So. Buying the phone I was looking at originally and just going to wait out the rest of my contract.

Of course. . .that means I am without a phone until next week. Woo~!
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