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Therapy Day 4: Graham

I had therapy on Friday. I'll probably write a more serious entry about it tomorrow. But, the amusing bits.

I feel ridiculous for saying, but Graham was a good chunk of it. I had brought in my artwork for her to see, which included a picture of him. I didn't realize that when she asked me to bring in some art to show her that we would be talking about it so. . .thoroughly.

Thinking about it more, I should have realized it since at a previous session, I had talked about something personal I wanted to draw to express myself. The art pieces I had brought to show were Zero, Epiphany, Christina and Lichty, Wa-Lolita, and Graham.

Most amusing question she has asked me so far since starting therapy: "Do you have anything to remind you of Graham in your daily life?"

I laughed. That question was within a whole conversation and makes more sense. I won't get into it. It made me feel okay with me having him everywhere after she asked that because I knew where she was going with it.

She said some very nice things. Then she asked what I was feeling.

I said numb, because I had just finished bawling my eyes out and was trying to calm myself down. I then smiled and added, "I also feel scared, but that's okay."

I know in this case, fear is a sign that I am stepping into the "unknown" which is the whole point.

Which is why I smiled.
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