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Had some errands to do today and found myself near Kohl's. I haven't been keeping up on my goal of replacing my wardrobe so I decided to peek into Kohl's to see if maybe I could find a shirt.

Usually when I shop there I browse the women's section and can find one or two shirts I like. Today I headed to the men's section and jelly filled cakes. So many awesome clothes on sale. I spent way more than I should have and there were three other shirts I wanted to buy. Fffff--

Anyway. . .MySpace camera time. I'll show you the four shirts I bought:

I want to get more patterned shirts like this. I have another one I bought a couple of weeks ago with Vaans branding all over it.

It has purple in it! :D

Green. This one for some reason has snaps instead of buttons. I was amused by it. It's the same brand as the previous one

I love this shirt~ It wasn't on sale as much as the others.

I was taking random pics for Facebook, and this one I didn't end up using for my profile. . .so I am posting it here since it amuses me. :D

If you're confused as to why I would take a picture of me shrugging. . .here ya go. lol. This is what I did to my FB.

So now I have 10 shirts dedicated to my wardrobe switch. :D Only two of them I wouldn't be able to wear at work. lol. Now that I have 10 shirts, 8 going by what I would wear at work. . .25 doesn't seem like a whole lot. But I do know I have a few shirts in my current selection of clothing that I like and will keep.
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