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Maren wants me to bring in my artwork to show her. We talked about it briefly at my last session and she wants to see it. I was excited about the idea, but as I looked for things it made me realize how little I drew in 2010. It's like. . .that year didn't exist.

I was a mess several nights ago. I didn't realize how bad my depression is. I don't draw. I don't write in LJ. I can't motivate myself to exercise like I want to.

I don't place value in things I do. I realized this as I was talking to my coworker a few days ago.

The only thing that I seem to be able to focus on is cosplay. I'm looking forward to the end April.

And I am pretty sure I am fighting a sinus infection right now.

I started drawing a comic last night. To cheer me up. I'm enjoying it.
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