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I'm still a Cancer Rat and you're still a Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, ect.

If your astrological sign has changed, do you think your personality more resembles your current or past sign?

Why is this question coming up now?

Horoscopes can get so in-depth. But from a basic stand point, from the level that the average American knows it, our Zodiac is based on the seasons. In which case, our sign hasn't changed. So no, I am not a Gemini who believed she was a Cancer all this time. I'm still Cancer.

The "new" information which is making people believe we need to bring back the Ophiuchus sign (Yes. Back.) actually isn't new information. And it doesn't matter as our Zodiac on the most basic level isn't based on the position of the stars even though our Zodiac has constellations corresponding to it.

If you're still not buying it, let me explain it a different way. Why do you think the Zodiac's dates seem to overlap months? For example, Aries are those born between the dates of March 21 - April 19. The March equinox falls on the 20th or the 21st every year. By seasons we are talking about the equinox and solstice and the Zodiacs are divided up evenly to correspond to the solstice and equinox.

If we wanted to extend the Zodiac to include the Ophiuchus sign, we really should extend it to encompass 16 signs, not 13.

However~ If you want to you can make your horoscope more detailed by going into the location and time of your birth. That's when you can go into where the stars/planets were positioned when you were born.

For example, I'm Cancer with a rising sign of Leo. Cancer says I am an emotional person with a hard exterior. That I feel the need to protect myself. But looking at Leo as my rising sign it also adds that I am a confident and charismatic individual. And you can get even more detailed than that. Like where Venus, Mars, ect was at the time of your birth.

Now I'm just talking about what is common in Western Astrology. Things can really get complex if you look into it.

But seriously. I'm still Cancer and you're still whatever you were before this "new revelation".

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