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You're Not Alone When You Hurt This Way

Random lyrics for the subject line. Keep wanting to just put "Stuff" there.


Tonight I went to the College near me to hear a talk with Chaz Bono about his transition. I was a little panicky as I had called ahead to the college to get information and they gave me driving directions and where to park. There wasn't a parking spot open. So I drove around this campus I've never been at in the dark desperately looking for another "public" parking area that was close to where I needed to go. I somehow managed to find a spot and get there in time for a seat.

I'm really glad I went. It was so great. A couple of moments I got choked up. It was an hour and a half long.

I have therapy tomorrow. It was my therapist who told me about Chaz coming to Monterey and recommended I go. I haven't finished my LJ entry about my last session, so I will probably combine it with info about tomorrow's. Which works out well, really. I already know what we are talking about tomorrow and it is a continuation of last week's.

In other news. . .I'm thinking I am going to be sick tomorrow. Or Friday. I don't mean like, "calling in sick" for a not-really-sick day. It just hit me today. Sore, itchy, burning throat. My eyes are all clamming. I just feel a bit of ick today. Blargh.
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