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Came home from work and noted my neighbor's car wasn't there. It's always there. It's a couple with a baby on the way, so I think they have two cars. Once in a while I see it gone, but usually around 6pm on a weekday, it's there.

Makes it easy for me to park when it isn't there!

Pulling in I noticed that part of the ceiling, a slab of sheetrock, had fallen from the ceiling and was laying in my neighbor's spot. I pulled in, thought about it, and then pulled out. The ceiling above my spot was already missing a slab, and I really didn't want to chance having my car get the rest of it on top of it. Last thing I need right now is repairing a car.

Sucks, man.

And I hope my neighbor's car wasn't there when the piece fell, but seriously. Their car is pretty much always there.
Tags: real life, wait whut?
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