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Today was a pretty good day. Pretty happy.

Started off lazy, but once I got up and going, I headed off to Gilroy. . .it's a little over 30 miles north of me. Went to their outlet stores and damn. It's huge! And so many stores. I managed to find a pair of shoes that will work for cosplay too so I didn't have to go to Santa Cruz like I had planned.

Instead I went back down to Monterey and went to Canary Row for the Sock Store and walked a lot. I actually parked in Fisherman's Warf and walked which was a lot farther than I had thought. But the day was nice so no big deal. The sock store had over the knee socks! Plain black too! :D I bought two different ones thank goodness as when I put the pair on I thought I would end up using. . .it stopped at my knee. The other pair will work fine.

On my walk back I found a Good Will. Damn, so annoying. They don't organize their clothes by sizes. . .at least not the section I was looking at. And I wasn't in the mood to check every pair of black slacks for my size. So I headed over to Plato's Closet and found two shirts to add to my collection of clothes I am trying to build up and eventually replace my wardrobe with.

So, yes! Good day. Watched Shutter Island finally too. Interesting. Last night I had seen The Adjustment Bureau. . .which is awesome.

Tomorrow I hope to work on cosplay more, clean, and I am going to try going to the beach for exercise. Hopefully it is nice out.
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