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Today wasn't as productive as I had hoped. Basically, all I got accomplished toward cosplay is finishing Akita's wig. Her bangs were too long and the back was too long. So I got that taken care of. Iceland's wig, however, died. I butchered it.

So I have to order a new wig. *Cries* But I found one that I don't think I will need to cut.

In other news, my shoulder is really killing me. I've been trying heat tonight to calm it down, but I am not sure what I can do about it. I tried taking Aleve and that doesn't seem to help. Blargh. And I move in my sleep, so I can't just "sleep on my back."

It's been bothering me the last couple of days.

I don't plan on seeing a doctor since I can't really afford it. I rather spend $100 for therapy than $55 plus what other mysterious costs that will come up. It also sucks since February is a short month, it means I get paid less.

Maybe I will bring out the wedge pillow which pretty much forces me to sleep on my back. And results in less sleep.
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