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Sometimes, I Hate Shopping

So I guess over-the-knee socks or thigh-high nylons don't exist. Well. Okay, that isn't true. I found some of each, but only in brown for socks and nude for nylons.

Also, I guess simple dress/nice shoes for women doesn't exist either. And by simple I mean without a heal and without straps. Strappy shoes seem to be the "in" thing right now as they were everywhere.

And, okay. I guess that isn't true either. I found ONE pair. ONE. At Payless shoes. 7.5. A little too big and if I am paying $30 for shoes, I want them to fit. So, since it was Payless. . .I figured I just had to go down a half size and find them. And I did! Only. The same shoe by the same maker. . .added a heel for sizes 7 and under.

. . .


I have one more area I am willing to check out, otherwise. . .guess I am shopping online. Pllb.
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