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I got both the Akita Neru costume and her wig in the mail today. Super excited. This weekend I plan on working on wigs, painting my Iceland shirt, and hopefully constructing Akita's boots and headphones.

Picture behind the cut.

The wig is interesting. Her pony tail is on the wrong side, my fault. It's odd having such weight on one side and part of me is nervous about it staying on. The hair clip I mean. ( The pony tail i a hairclip if you don't know. That's why it isn't that big of a deal that it is on the wrong side. ) I don't have the tie on or the sleeves. I'm amused with how well my cellphone case matches my outfit. SO I CAN TOTALLY BE IN CHARACTER WHEN I'M USING IT.

I've been trying to think of poses for her and. . .not all to sure. "Bida!" face doesn't really look cute or amusing in real life.

The one above really isn't in character. ( I had another picture in character, but it came out all blurry. And I didn't notice until costume was off. )
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