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Yeah, I Mad

Self-entitled much? Goddamn. I play a stupid online game and suddenly there is product placement in it. I got ecstatic since I thought it was a great way for the company to make money. Of course a bunch of little fucks are complaining about it.

WHY IS IT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? That maybe, just maybe a company is trying to get money to pay their employees and their costs to be YOUR SOURCE of entertainment!?


I will TOTALLY take product placement over a walking-talking ad ANY DAY of the WEEK.

Yeah, I mad.

I really mad because when I try to explain this to them in a calm manner and from the point, "Hey, I work for a business that is trying and struggling to make money off their website." I get fucking ignored. They don't want to hear it.


(I keep trying to tell myself that most of these people aren't probably out of high-school or have a real job, but GODDAMN, STFU.)
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