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This is how my weekend begins.

So, my kitchen flooded.

Yeah. Let's just hang on that sentence for a moment.

I come home from work, having stopped at the store first, open the door and find my cat frozen and staring at me. There was an "Oh shit." look on her face, but it didn't register with me until I stepped in and heard a horrible sound. You know the sound of falling water? It was that sound. It was like the constant sound of someone pouring water out of a bucket.

I hurry around the corner, freeze, and my kitchen is just flooded. The sink filled with cloudy water, my counter tops covered with water, and little water falls in miscellaneous spots and causing my entire kitchen to be covered with water. It was even beginning to soak into the living room.

Threw all my stuff off to the side and hurried over to the sink. I was so confused. The faucet wasn't on and I couldn't tell where the water was coming from. I even looked up and around and there was nothing coming from above. No. It was coming up through one of my sinks. I knew there was some silverware in one sink and quickly dug it out and that's when I discovered the water was hot water. Once that was out, I started up the garbage disposal, but that didn't do anything. Only stirred up some food bits into the water. Ew

I opened up the cupboard to pull out my bucket, only to find it was already full of water. I had no idea what to do, so I ran off to the office to call the emergency number. When I got back to my place, the water stopped flowing. I tried the garbage disposal again. . .but nothing happened. It was so confusing.

Someone from maintenance came over and I think he didn't believe me when I said "My kitchen is flooding!" as when he saw my kitchen he had a "Woah, shi--!" type of reaction and hurried out. He came back and I spent time soaking up all the water I could with every towel (except one) I owned.

I watched him for an hour try to "unclog" my sink. He even had two different type of snakes and a weird plunger like thing. He cleared out all the water and there was no clog to be found. And hour alone trying to get the "clog". Once everything seemed find and all the water was gone, he frowned and said he has no idea what happened.

Neither do I.

Amazingly I didn't lose much. I am thankful I keep my kitchen clean and all I lost was a box of cereal (brand new. ;~;) and some bug traps. (Including two really expensive bed-bug traps. Argh!)

My big concern is the carpet. A fair chunk of carpet is pretty soaked. I did spend a half hour trying to soak up as much as I could with towels and wringing out the water. But it really needs a professional to come in and soak it up. Maintenance said he would call someone tomorrow to hopefully get someone in as soon as possible. I asked to make sure I wouldn't have to be around for them to come in. (Because NOTHING IS STOPPING ME from going to San Francisco tomorrow with msbeater!!!) He said that's fine.

But here's my concern. I know how bad a lot of water can be for carpet. This area is already prone to mold so I know we need someone in as soon as possible. I'm really worried about the apartment needing new carpet. . .if it does, what the hell am I going to do with my stuff? This is my living room. Or "dining" room I guess. How much stuff am I going to have to move for them to replace it.

Worst of all. :/ My family and I are pretty sure I am allergic to carpet glue or something involving new carpet. Back in college, my last apartment needed new carpet in the bedroom due to mold. I didn't spend much time in the bedroom to be honest and it was my last quarter anyway. When I was moving out I spent a lot of time in there and had a very bad reaction. I developed a rash, got dizzy, and had a LOT of trouble breathing. I was wheezing and I felt like I wasn't getting any air. I was starting to panic. My friends came over and they took me on a walk to try and get fresh air. (We didn't know what was happening.) We walked around outside of Seattle and it took probably an hour before I was able to breathe again. But as soon as I went back home and started packing again, it happened again. My roommate didn't have any problems what-so-ever. My dad was the one who pointed out that it was an allergic reaction. (I've never HAD an allergic reaction to anything before!)

Since then I noticed some problems. I remember being in an elevator that had new carpet and got that dizzy lightheaded feeling. Other people around didn't seem to react at all. When work got new carpet one year, I do remember a few point where breathing was a little harder on me. It took a month or so before I didn't notice it.


ON THE PLUS SIDE TO ALL THIS: My kitchen floor is now cleaned~ *bright side* *trying to be positive*
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