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I think I am getting sick. I have a headache and that weird throat tickle. People at work have been sick, so I guess it is a matter of time. If I do get sick it will be a test of my surgery!

Speaking of surgery. My one month follow appointment was supposed to be today, but they called me on Tuesday to say, "She does surgery on Thursdays." I'm like, WTF. You guys scheduled this appointment and month ago, how could you forget a big thing like that? So I have to wait another week.

I got pics on my commissioned cosplay. Kinda anxious/nervous.

I'll be crashing at a friend's place Thursday and Sunday nights in Seattle around the con. Which meaaans~ bus riding in Cosplay. Oh yeah. My goal for SakuraCon is to buy figures this year. I want vocaloid figures.

My cat is acting weird this morning. Just FYI.

. . .weirder than normal.
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