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I got two wigs today. Once really disappoints me. I want to get a new wig for Graham and this is the second wig I've ordered that has come to me WAY too dark. Actually, I feel like this is red. Borderline red.

Even if it could be considered "strawberry blonde", that ISN'T WHAT I ORDERED DAMNIT! lol. But my other wig is fine. I just have to cut it and stuff. I hate cutting wigs.

Anyway, pictures of me in them. ( Three total ) and me being silly in the "blonde" wig.

Perfect! Just need to cut some of the bangs and possibly style it a bit. I was worried about the glasses, but they look perfect with the wig. :3

Not sure if want.

I like mah fedora~

I still have one more on the way. ( And I am going to have to try AGAIN with the Graham's wig. *Shakes first.* )
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